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Balki Willing To Make Bachchan Bio-Pic, On One  Condition




R Balki  who is  an unabashed  Amitabh Bachchan  fan says he  is  more than willing to make   the  Bachchan  bio-pic.

“But  who  will play the Big B?  You tell me!  There is not a single  actor in this country who would dare  to step  into those Size 8 shoes.I would love to  make the  bio-pic. But there is no one I can  get to play  the Bachchan,” sighs  Balki.

 Not even AB Junior?  “Abhishek? Is he crazy to do  something so foolhardy? Of course Abhishek would never  play his father on screen. He knows it’s impossible   for  anyone to play the  Mega Bachchan , not even his own son.Just like  Tiger Shroff would never  play his dad Jackie. Or Raima Sen playing Suchitra Sen…suicidal!”

Balki is  currently working with Abhishek Bachchan in Ghoomer. And yes, that too will have the senior Bachchan in a role.

“I cannot make  a film that doesn’t have Mr Bachchan in it,”declares Balki.

  Is  Mr B  his lucky mascot? “Calling him my lucky mascot would be  very  pedestrian. Mr Bachchan  is much much more than that. I don’t have the words to describe  his place in  the history of Indian cinema.”

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