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Why Are Ranbir-Alia Promoting Steel Bars?



Ranbir Kapoor and Alia bhatt

The  bad news about those who  want to see Alia Bhatt and her  husband Ranbir Kapoor together  again after Brahmastra is that they  have taken a mutual decision to  not do any other film together in the near future, unless something special  comes up.

The good news is that the couple has  agreed to do  an advertisement together  for a brand of steel. This does seem odd. The fans  would expect them to promote  baby food or  diapers  or maybe , if we stretch it,  honeymoon resorts.

 But why steel?

Apparently  it  was director Abhishek  Varman, who has directed Alia Bhatt in  2 States and  Kalank, who convinced  the couple  to take on the endorsement deal  because the  zeroes on the couple’s individual cheques  were tempting.

Besides , lucrative  big-bucks ads are  getting hard to come by for  A-listers, what with internet influencers  building a solid endorsement  clan on  social media. For no extra cost, no shooting budgets  popular faces tell the attentive consumer what  to buy.

A -listers looking for big bucks  doings ads would just have to make  do with offers that come their way.

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