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Bappi Lahiri On Namak Halaal Remake



Bappi Lahiri On Namak Halaal Remake 6

 The news  that  producer Murad Khetani has bought the remake  rights  of   one of Amitabh  Bachchan’s biggest blockbusters  Namak Halaal triggered  off a chain  of   speculative reactions in  the  media.

The  tireless Bappi Lahiri whose  music  went a long way in making the film such  a historic  success  wonders  if the  producer intends  to use  the original  music.  “Nobody has approached me. So I  don’t know what their plans are. But the  music that  I did for Namak Halaal is remembered and hummed to this  day.One cannot imagine Namak Halaal without Pug ghungroo. It  was shot by Prakash Mehraji in  a  11-minute sequence, the longest song  sequence  in  a Hindi film.Kishoreda(Kumar) sang Pag ghungroo as only he could.He  rightly won the  Filmfare award for his vocals. I consider  Pag ghungroo  among my best achievements. Ashaji’s Jawani jaan-e-mann was  also a big hit.”

Bappida has a very  special place for Namak Halaal in his heart.  “It  was my first film with Prakash Mehraji. Before this, he  worked with the great Kalaynji-Anandji in Haseena MaanJayegi, Zanjeer, Haath Ki Safaai and Muqaddar Ka SikandarNamak Halaal  was  a big challenge for me. After this Prakash Mehaji and I did Sharaabi with  Bachchan Saab again taking the songs to unexpected heights.They don’t make  stars  like Bachchan Saab anymore. Or  filmmakers like Prakash Mehra.”