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Besides Anupam and Kangana, Very Little Support For Arnab In The Film Industry



The sudden arrest of television newscaster Arnab Goswami may have shocked many across India and outside as  it is being seen  as being contrary to democratic norms. However  there is very little, in fact almost no  support for Goswami in the  Mumbai film industry which has  for long suffered  his jibes taunts jeers and  insults  .

In fact  the  film industry has collectively sued  Arnab for defamation and there is  little  reason  to believe that the film fraternity has softened its stance towards Arnab after  his arrest.Only two members  of  the  film fraternity Anupam Kher  and  Kangana Ranaut  have come forward  in support of  Goswami. The rest are  studiously  quiet  refraining from any comment on the issue.

A spitfire actress known for her  fearless  opinions told this writer, “Let him  fight his  own  battle.Do you really  expect  the  film  industry  to  shed tears  for him, after the way he has  insulted  us  for months now?  He talks  about his  freedom  of expression. But he forgot that  this freedom did not  give him the  right to  be abusive towards  the entertainment industry.”

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