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Birthday Girl Janhvi Kapoor On Being Papped Persistently



Janhvi Kapoor

Sometimes  it is not easy being a celebrity,especially when you crave for some  privacy.Janhvi Kapoor spoke on being constantly being hounded  by the photographers. “I’m flattered still. It’s attention, and it makes you feel relevant. It’s a good ego boost.”

 But it’s flattering  to  be  hounded all the time. “Yeah, at times, when you’re having an off day and you want to be on your own and someone shoves a camera in your face and then because you are low and not looking your best people start hating on how you look or how you weren’t chirpy enough.”

  However Janhvi is  mature enough to know the papped moment doesn’t last long. “People remember this stuff for a second; everyone moves on, so it’s best not to take any of it seriously. The bad or the good.”

Janhvi  admits the  paparazzi’s  relentless attention can get annoying. “The most annoying though is when I’m in the car, eating or napping and people start following the car and banging on the window and clicking photos in their phones and say smile smile. You kind of feel like an animal in a zoo.”

   But she  also confesses  she likes  the attention. “I guess even that(the paps clicking)  is  a form of flattery. I’d rather bare the brunt of this than not have people notice me or not have their attention.

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