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“Blatant Lie!” Karan Oberoi On Rape Charge Aagainst Anurag Kashyap



Is  Anurag  Kashyap likely to be  arrested soon? An FIR has been registered  against him at the Versova police station under various sections  of  the law by actress Payal Ghosh.

The  filmmaker is  looking at  the various legal options open to him.

Actor-singer-author Karan Oberoi  who  has gone through  a similar predicament and who believes Kashyap to be innocent says the arrest option is  not  mandatory.  “It all depends on how it pans out.Technically speaking when an FIR is lodged for 376 ( Rape ) arrest is a given and it’s non bailable. He gets relief only from the court. But from my experience, the systems in India a very flexible depending on what pressure is applied from which authority Since the ruling government in Maharashtra is at loggerheads with the Centre , it augurs well for Mr Kashyap.”

 Karan  believes Kashyap to be  innocent.  “Not an iota of doubt in that.Blatant lie!!And one can tell that without being a detective.Absolute power corrupts absolutely! When you give a loaded gun to any gender with a rejoinder that they are free to use it to any effect with zero accountability , what do you think will happen ?! All the collective frustration about your lot , your anxieties , your fears , insecurities and anger will be directed towards something or someone ! Two wrongs don’t make a right ! If men have abused that power for so long , and you unabashedly give it to a woman , it will be used the same way ! Human beings are fallible .”

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