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Boney Kapoor Cornered To  Accept Devgn’s  ‘Request’ To Shift Maidaan?



Boney Kapoor

Boney  Kapoor’s  sports  bio-pic Maidaan directed by Amit Sharma  has been delayed almost by two years due to the pandemic. Now when they had finally zeroed in on a date, February  17,  one hears of Devgn “requesting” Boney Kapoor to  postpone his release of Maidaan  so that Devgn’s Bholaa, scheduled for March 30, will be released first.

Now  it is  believed Maidaan is scheduled for  12 May.

Bholaa, for those who entered the theatre late, is  the Hindi remake  of the Tamil hit Kaithi.

The “request” to shift the film Maidaan to give  Bholaa  priority has apparently not gone down well with Boney Kapoor.

While Boney remained  unavailable for  comment  a friend of his  shared , “When you  ask  Maidaan to  be shifted  to make way for another  film  you are clearly stating that you have no faith in Maidaan, and that’s  not a very good sign at  all. Boney has  postponed the  release at least three times. To ask him to set aside his film one more time is  very unfair.”

One doesn’t know  if  Boney has agreed to comply  to  Ajay Devgn’s “request” willingly.  But from the  look of it, he  didn’t have much of a choice, considering how powerful  Devgn is at the  moment.

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