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Film Federation Asks  Government  To Act Against The Boycott Culture



The  Federation Of Cine India Western Employees(FWICE)  has  strongly condemned the ongoing trend of “#Boycott Bollywood” and has sought  from the Government  immediate protection against the hooliganism in theatres and threats to the producers.

A letter  from the FWICE  issued in  6  January reads, “The recent trend of “#Boycott Bollywood” has been affecting the producers and lakhs of workers working for the films and it has been serious noted by the FWICE as it has raised a major situation of survival of the common workers, technicians and the artists who are earning their daily bread from this industry. It is not only the producer/writer or the director but there are lakhs of crewmembers associated with one film. There is huge investment in films and lakhs of people earn. their livelihood from it. With such a large enterprise, it is natural that film-makers have to do their utmost to make the product which will fetch the best returns.”

The  FWICE further writes, “ It is easy for people to boycott a film but what about the producer who has invested huge in making of the film. A film is made with a passion and dream of success. However, these blooming dreams get shattered with such trends which are many a times influenced by people believing into hatred and those who do not support peace, harmony and unity. People have been barging into the theatres and threatening the public and forcefully vacating the theatres. There have been threats to the producers and the lead actor/actresses. They are abused on the social media platforms with filthy/vulgar language.”

The FWICE  challenges the  dubious  rights of fringe groups  to call for the  boycott of films. “We strongly condemn these acts and the boycotting any film which is already certified by the final cell of the Film authorities which is the CBFC. Getting a film certified through the CBFC is itself an achievement as the film and the film makers are going through the entire process of certification. The protestors of the film should thus follow the right channel and report their grievances against the film to the CBFC and other governing authorities rather than blindly coming up with such destructive trend to blatantly boycott the entire industry. We appreciate people boycotting films for their right and reasonable objections but indiscriminate boycott of all the Bollywood films shall not be accepted and allowed at any cost. This should end somewhere. FWICE stands strong in support of the producers who are creating films and generating employment to lakhs of people and help them to earn their living and survive with dignity. We urge the government to intervene in the matter and stop this trend of Boycott Bollywood.”

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