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Breaking News: Season 3 Of Delhi Crime Is Now In Writing



 While  Season  2  of  the highly acclaimed Delhi Crime  franchise on Netflix awaits  telecast, the globally lauded show has already  gone into Season 3. Sudhanshu Saria  the writer-director  of  the acclaimed film LOEV has  been brought in  as one of the writers for  Season 3  of Delhi Crime.

An actor from the series told me, “We’ve shot and completed Season  2  of Delhi Crime. Season 3 is now being written. It will go into production  in  couple of months.”

  The hardhitting  outstanding first season  of  Delhi Crime  dealt with the brutal gangrape  and murder of  Nirbhaya. The second and third season Of Delhi Crime  are also  based  on  real-life crimes, though they may  not be sourced  out  of Delhi.

 Is  the second season  of  Delhi Crime being  held back by Netflix to clean out the more controversial visuals and dialogues?

“Not at all,” a Delhi Crime actor tells me. “The  new  government guidelines on what  we can’t show is not applicable  to  our show. We are not going into religion and politics .Crime is fine.  It is serials  like The Family Man and Patal Lok which have reason  to be worried. I believe the second season of   both the series has been dropped.”

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