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No Plans To Bring Taimur’s Sibling Into Public



Saif and Kareena  Kapoor  have no  plans, immediate  or  otherwise, to bring out their second born into the public.

A  source very close to the  couple says it is a defence mechanism. “Look at what happened with  Taimur. Saif and Kareena  decided to  bring Taimur out  , just to be  polite with the photographers  they allowed them to  click the child as and  when he  was . Now , Taimur starts  waving the  minute he sees  photographers,  It is  not healthy at  all  for the  child.”

In the  light  of  the constant  exposure of their first born , Saif an Kareena  have decided to keep their second born   out of the limelight completely, at least  for  some time.

“The  baby  is  better  off without becoming a celebrity at  age 0 on  the social media. I  think Bebo and Saif have learnt their lesson. In the effort to be  polite to  the  paparazzi they won’t allow their child to be  constantly exposed  to media scrutiny,” says the source.

So all those who have been waiting for glimpse of Chote Nawab  on social media,  there is  bad news. The wait  could be longer than you expected.

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