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CBI Probe For Sushant’s Death Pleases Patna, Shatrughan Sinha

Bihar and  specially Patna is in a mood to rejoice after  the  CBI took over the investigation  of his death.Bihar is  now convinced that ‘Sushant Bhaiyya’ will get justice. But the people of Bihar  won’t rest easy  until  Rhea Chakraborty  and her family are arrested.

“They are the  ones responsible for his death.Sushant’s father   is a simple decent  god-fearing  man. He had never had any kind of  connection with the law or with legal matters until his son was killed.He doesn’t know how to deal with these criminal minds,” says  someone who  knows  Rajput’s family closely.

In the meanwhile  Bihari Babu Shatrughan Sinha has responded with  joy to the  CBI  investigation. “Yeh to bahot achchi baat hai.We shall now know what the truth is. No one  guilty of snuffing  out that talented life,  man or woman, must be spared. But let’s not  do  a media trial, please.  Let’s not declare anyone guilty  until proven so . I don’t  think Sushant would have wanted that.”

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