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Celina Jaitley Turns 39 Doing What She Likes The Best



 In Austria  with her husband and  three children,Celina Jaitley is  in a celebratory mood. When I  touch base with her to  wish her on her special day she sounds exceptionally  happy.

“It’s a  quiet  birthday. No shor shraaaba  this year. Here in Austria we are in the  midst  of  our second wave of Covid and hence in  lockdown again. But that’s okay. We need  to set an example by  adhering  strictly to the rules  of the lockdown,” says   the birthday girl who may look picture-perfect, but has  had more than her  share of  personal tragedies to cope with.

Recalls  Celina, “I attended my father’s military-honoured  funeral with two babies in seventh month of pregnancy, following which we lost one baby and shortly after that my mother in very tragic circumstances. When Mom and  Dad passed away I went into severe depression, which rendered me completely shattered. It reached a point when I had a minor accident while driving.”

 This is where Celina says her husband stepped into rescue his beautiful wife  from  depression. “That’s when Peter decided that it would be a good idea disconnect move back to Austria to our alpine estate to recover and get treatment and reboot. Peter was chief commercial officer of one of the biggest companies in the world when he resigned to support me through my trauma. We both were grieving for our son and my parents.”

Brightening up she says, “And now  here I am with  my four boys, my husband  Peter Haag being the oldest  of  my boys(laughs), having  a warm and  cosy birthday as Austria has gone  into a complete  lockdown again. We are planning some games later in  the day. My boys want to have dance competition,so that’s also going to happen later  in the day(laughs).”

 What  about the cake? “Of course!  There’s a  huge cake which we shall cut and devour,my diet be damned. And there is a big gift-wrapped present  staring in my  face as I talk to you. I’ve been wondering the whole day  what’s in it. I am dying to open it.But I am not allow to  open it as  yet.”

Celina feels her  birthday couldn’t be  better. “I couldn’t  ask for  a happier  birthday.  I am surrounded by the people  who matter the  most to me. It’s time for  all of us to find the courage  within to move on to 2021. Life is beautiful.And made more beautiful a  dear friend like  you.”

By the way  all the pictures clicked by  Celina’s husband  Peter Haag.

“Such a chuppa rustom he is!  I discovered his talent for  photography by  chance. And now I just  can’t stop myself from getting clicked  by him.” Celina  gushes.

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