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Court Dismisses Legal Suit Against Gangubai Kathiawadi



Court Dismisses Legal Suit Against Gangubai Kathiawadi 12

Sanjay Leela Bhansali who is on the verge of completing his latest purported  opus Gangubai Kathiawadi  breathed a  sigh of relief this week as  the  honourable court dismissed an injunction petition against the  film.

The real Gangubai’s adopted son  wanted the film to be stopped  as he claimed  it was defamatory  to him.A source close to the project  wonders how anyone can make claims about what  the film contains without seeing a  single frame  .

Says the source, “Bhansali has gone through this ordeal  of having to explain his film’s content in the court with his earlier films.He now feels it is best to not make films based on real-life characters  , as they invariably bring trouble  on  the table for its makers.  Best to stick to the fictional route.”

Another filmmaker known for his recent hardhitting  brilliant political dramas offers  a simpler solution: “Make what you want about whom you  want. Just add the  disclaimer  that it bears no resemblance  to  anyone dead  or living.”

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