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Critic Gets Slammed After Criticizing Nambi Narayanan For Practising Religiosity



Nambi Narayanan

Film criticism in India is  getting progressively below the belt. We  now have critic Anupama Chopra slamming Madhavan’s  Rocketry: The Nambi Effect  for showing scientist Nambi Narayanan  as  a practising Hindu.

Chopra wrote in her review, “The screenplay repeatedly underlines his patriotism and also leans pointedly into his religion. Our first visual of Narayanan is in the puja room at his home. At crucial moments, he prays. Narayanan is a true-blue Hindu patriot.”

To this Madhavan  had responded on Twitter saying, “this is who Nambi sir is .. I am totally okay if you did not like or hated the film and I will take it in the chin..but why this ??Come on -we are way Better than this.Regretful”.

However Madhavan  later deleted his Tweet.

Speaking to  this  writer  Madhavan explained.  “I really don’t want into  a slinging match  with any critic over their opinion. She’s welcome  to  comment on the  film in any way she  thinks suitable.  But to hit out at the film for  showing our hero in the puja room  and  being a  practicing Hindu is too ridiculous to comment on. Nambi Sir is a   god-fearing devout man. If he is shown in his puja room what is the problem with that? I am still trying  to understand what the problem is,” says Madhavan.

 Netizens have slammed Anupama Chopra for what they see as her Hinduphobia.

A prominent filmmaker who is also a friend of critic Anupama Chopra says he  cannot understand what Chopra’s objection is. “Is she  upset because Nambi Narayanan is  shown to be a godfearing law-abiding citizen? Would  she object if the protagonist  was  show doing his namaaz? Why is she unnecessarily  trying to provoke the Hindu element with her  ridiculous liberalism?”

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