“D COMPANY is the ASLI MUMBAI SAGA,” Ram Gopal Varma Takes On Sanjay Gupta.

Your D Company which  opens a week after , looks a lot like Sanjay Gupta’s Mumbai Saga.?

Well , the subject matter is in the public domain and everyone will have their own interpretation ..I frankly don’t know what MUMBAI SAGA is about but I can say that D COMPANY is the ASLI MUMBAI SAGA .

Two films on the Mumbai  underworld within a week?

I guess the best film will win as in the cliche “ MAY THE BEST WIN”..

Do you think the audience is ready to return to the movie theatres in spite of Covid?

That’s as good a guess as anybody’s guess ..But we have to start somewhere

Sanjay Gupta and you share a lifelong passion for films on the  underworld what is your opinion on his cinema?

I frankly believe in being raw and realistic whereas he believes in style

Tell me about the actor who plays Dawood

His name is Ashwat Kanth and I chose him after auditioning more than 35 actors ..He’s playing a 26 year old Dawood.

What will you do if the real  Dawood doesn’t like the reel Dawood in your film?

Trust me that he will love him

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