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De-Aging Is Prevalent In Bollywood Films



Raksha Bandhan and Lal Singh Chadha

Harrison Ford has announced  to the world that he will be  undergoing a  process  of de-aging through special-effects  in his next Indiana Jones  film.

Indian superstars have been  at  it  for some time now. In  some  films like Salman  Khan’s  Bharat and Aamir Khan’s Lal Singh  Chadha   the de-aging  was done officially whereas  in  other cases  the  process has been carried  unofficially.  But the fact is a  majority of  the aging  superstars are  resorting to computerized  de-aging not for their characters but for their own egoistic need  to look much younger  on screen.

Recently one  of the Khan superstars  made a guest appearance in a  bio-pic. His  entire look for the role was  de-aged  although there was no need for the  superstar  to look younger.

“It’s like  the  45-plus  actresses taking Botox. The  male  stars  want to be de-aged on screen  no matter what the age  of their characters,” a celebrated  director-producer  informs me.

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