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Bhediya Fails To Gather Momentum




In spite  of  the  favourable reviews  from some of the  top critics , Bhediya  has been unable to register  any notable  climb in  its  boxoffice numbers. It is likely to be  a major  setback for   its producer Dinesh Vijan who apparently  was  so sure  of  the film’s success that he had already set his heart  on  a  sequel.

The  tepid response to what the  Bhediya team thought would be  blockbuster comes as  a shock to them .

A  source  very close to the Bhediya cast and crew reveals, “The shocking part is  , the critics have  loved  it. The audience has  not. There is plenty  of  dismay and disappointment  about the  boxoffice collections. Bhediya got swamped by Drishyam  2.”

The producers are  still very  hopeful that the  boxoffice  collections would do a turn-around, although that seems highly  unlikely now.

Strangely Bhediya is underperforming  almost equally  in  both the  3D and  2D  formats.

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