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Dharmendra To Take Covid Vaccine This Week Recommends It To All



The  legendary Dharmendra  who  has  been  locked way  in his farmhouse during the  pandemic is  all set to step out for  the  Covid19 vaccination.

“I recommend it to all , specially the elders. If we must  stop this  terrible virus social distancing and  the vaccination are  the  only way out. I am  very saddened to see people in Mumbai not  wearing their masks, not following  Covid guidelines. By pretending that  the  pandemic is gone,it won’t go away. We must continue to be  very careful,” says Dharamji.

 During the last one year when he has been  isolated at  his farmhouse Dharamji has not met any member  of his family.

“I miss being with  my loved ones. Lekin akele  rehne  ka bhi apna  maza hai(there is  something  to be said  about being  on your own). I  write  a lot of poetry. I listen to music. I spend my time gardening. It’s been a peaceful time.I’ve enjoyed  the  time I had  to myself,” says  Dharamji .

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