Did Saif Lodge A Police Complaint Against The Paparazzi?

Has Saif Ali Khan finally taken a firm stand on the issue of his little son Taimur’s over-exposure in the public domain?

Earlier this week the paparazzi which religiously stands below Saif and Kareena Kapoor Khan’s residence to click their son Taimur when he emerges, was asked to disperse by the cops from thir favourite spot near the Khans’ residence.

Saif has quickly denied any hand in this, arguing that one of the neighbours may have complained. This seems unlikely , as no neighbour was affected by photographers gathering silently to take pictures.

It is more probable that Saif did complain against the constant invasion by the paparazzi which his entirely family rightly feels to be a violation of little Taimur’s right to a normal childhood.

A close friend of the couple reveals, “Saif and Kareena were getting increasingly concerned about the constant surveillance of their young child by inquisitive photographers. Once in a while is ok. But Taimur can’t step out without being clicked by a volley of cameras. As concerned parents Saif and Kareena might have informed the cops.At the same time they didn’t want to cause any offence to the paparazzi as the couple knows the photographers are only doing their job, so Saif has denied informing the police.”

One hopes the paparazzi would finally maintain a respectable distance from the child and let him enjoy the things children his age are supposed to enjoy without monitoring every move of his.

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