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Dimple Kapadia Didn’t Understand The Tenet Script



 Christopher  Nolan’s  latest  mind-bender Tenet has opened  in the midst  of  the Coronova crisis,  in  selected theatres  in  selected cities across the world.

The  critics are  baffled by the  script. They are  not  embarrassed  to say they  don’t follow  the  script.  It  is okay to  confess ignorance  with Nolan. And  apparently  that’s what Dimple Kapadia   has been  doing. She has  told her close friends that  she  couldn’t follow Nolan’s script. But signed  on   just  for  the  ride , not to mention the  substantial paycheck.

Dimple plays an armsdealer  named Priya . If that  sounds like  a  classic case  of  miscasting, then  it is.Dimple  looks  as convincing  as  an arms dealer as Dev  Patel does playing David  Copperfield.

She apparently has  a  voice in the goings on .But  it’s  very  difficult to  determine who she is meant to be , or what she’s  trying to say.Most  of  th  dialogues are  hard to follow. I seriously recommend English  subtitles for  the English dialogues.

It would  be  safe to  say Dimple’s international debut is a  bit  of  a disaster.Her character  comes and goes in brief flashes and makes no sense to the audience.Does Dimple’s presence make  any difference to the screenplay? No, I am afraid not.

Her hazy lazy  presence  in Tenet brings up the  debate on  Asian actors rushing  to do   minuscule  roles in American films. Remember  Dimple’s favourite co-star Anil Kapoor making a fool of himself   in  Mission Impossible? I wouldn’t say Dimple ends up looking as  ridiculous Anil . But it’s close.

The  one  really  positive  factor in Dimple’s  presence  in Tenet is that she   plays a  brown-skinned  Asian. In another    new  film Dev Patel  cuts  a sorry figure as a colour-blind David Copperfield.

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