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Sushant’s Drug Angle: Why Is Rhea The Villain Again?



The  new “twist” in  the  Sushant  Singh  Rajput death mystery—every day there is a  new  angle to the  plot—is the narcotics number. That   there is evidence that  Rhea and Sushant were supplied  with  illegal drugs.

  While this angle  is nothing new in the film industry and it is common knowledge that actors are prone to substance abuse, why is  the  blame for the couple’s alleged  drug habits  being placed  on  Rhea alone? It is hard to imagine she was forcing the drugs on him.

A  source which  knew the  couple  well says, “It takes two  to  tango. The drug angle  may come as a shock to outsiders.  But it is common knowledge  in  the  industry.Why is   Rhea being seen  as  the  evil drug supplier who forced Sushant to indulge in   narcotics? Doesn’t she have  enough   guilt riding on her head? Should she be held for  all of Sushnat’s problems? Was  he  not an adult ? And  if  he were alive, wouldn’t he  be expected  to take responsibility  for his  actions rather than pin them on the person  closest  to   him?’

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