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Disha Patani On The Joys Of Working With Salman Khan



Disha Patani candid interview

Radhe is one of the biggest films of the year.  Nervous?

More than being nervous, I’m super duper excited and pumped to watch Radhe finally. I don’t like to watch any film, before the release, so I can finally watch it on 13th with my fans.

This is your second film with Salman Khan. How different is your equation with him this time as compared with Bharat?

The equation that Salman sir and I share is still the same. Working with such experienced and revered actor is an amazing learning opportunity, for which I’m glad that I got twice. He is very easygoing, and always makes me feel comfortable around on set

What should your fans expect from you in Radhe?

 Fans should expect a whole lot of fun and action from Radhe! Its an out and out mass entertainer that will hopefully keep the audience hooked to their seats till the very end.

Would you say Radhe is the biggest film of your career so far?

Yes, absolutely. Radhe got me a chance to work with Prabhu sir, Jackie sir and Salman Sir, all of them together which is a huge opportunity that I was fortunate enough for being considered for.

Any regrets about Radhe not being to make it into theatres?

 I’m eternally grateful that Radhe is being released this Eid and we are able to spread some happy cheer and amongst the audience during these tough times.

What is your message to movie watchers during these times of the  pandemic?

Anyone who is stepping out that this point should follow all the necessary precautions and measures. It is a very crucial time, that we are all going through. To anyone is going to the cinemas, you should make sure that you undertake all the safety measures.   

 How have you been spending your time during the Lockdown?

During this time, I am spending most of my time for the promotions of Radhe. I am also spending a lot of time with my pets and I do take out some time and talk to my family and friends too

What are your plans for the coming months?

 For the coming months, I am just waiting for the situation to abate a bit and the lockdown to be lifted. I will hopefully commence shooting for my upcoming films, as and when things get better.

The first thing you would like to do once the pandemic ends?

The  first thing  that I want to do it to visit my family and friends, whom I haven’t been able to meet for a long. Other than that, the one thing that I would like to do is to be on sets and start shooting.

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