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Don’t plan too much for a future: Roshan Mathew



Don’t plan too much for a future: Roshan Mathew 4

Roshan Mathew, the scene-stealing Malayalam actor  from  Mothoon and Anurag Kashyap’s  Choked  on  dealing  with the lockdown.

How has the lockdown been treating you?

It’s been okay. And everyone around me is safe, and that itself is a lot to ask for right now.And personally, I’d been hustling for too long at a stretch and working non-stop. You understand how actors stress about work all the more when there isn’t work happening, so to catch a break isn’t easy. Especially when you’re starting off with films. So I’ve been sitting back, looking out the window, reading, sleeping enough, eating enough, and watching a lot of things I’d missed out on. Trying to keep the mind occupied, basically.

So you’ve been  working and working out at  home?

Yes and yes. I’ve always enjoyed working out in an open space that isn’t a dedicated gym, so the terrace works great for that. And yeah, whatever work needs to happen has been happening from home. All of choked promotions and press interactions plus other meetings and readings.

Plenty of introspection?

Introspection and reflection not as much as I thought there would be. I think I’ve also consciously distracted myself with something whenever I just sit and think for too long. I tend to overdo the thinking sometimes. And  before you ask, I’m  not binging on serials  really either. I’ve been doing mixed doses of everything. A good book plus a series interspersed with cleaning/working out/sleeping/ researching coffee etc.

Learned  any new skills?

Been trying to learn editing and failing majestically at it so far, so that’s entertaining too.

Your advice for all your  followers?

Stay in your present. Don’t plan too much for a future we don’t know yet, and don’t dwell on what you could’ve done differently in the past. Do what gives you peace now. Without feeling guilty about it. Try to do what you can to help the situation locally, in your immediate surrounding and circle of people.Moderate your news intake. There’s a lot happening in the world and it’s easy to get overwhelmed now.

Are  you sleeping more than  usual?

Sleeping definitely. But not an unhealthy amount. Just the right amount, and it’s helping with my daily energy so much that I’d like to always sleep for this long, though that might not be easy once work resumes.

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