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Dream Girl Director Wrote The Next Sushant Starrer



Raaj Shandilya who directed  the 2019 hit Dream  Girl  has written a  film that  was to star Sushant Singh Rajput.

Spilling the beans  Shandilya says, “Yes I’ve written a  film called Vande Mataram which  was narrated to Sushant .Turns  out, Sushant loved the  film.”

The actor was  all set to   start the film after  the lockdown when tragedy stuck.

Says Shandilya,  “Vande Mataram  was a patriotic satire.And very much the perfect fit for Sushant.Who will replace Sushant now? Who can say? It can  be anyone now.”

Shandilya  who is currently in hometown Jhansi, is writing another comedy which he will soon direct.

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