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Fahadh Fasil Steals The Show In Vikram




Vikram(dubbed Hindi)

Starring Kamal Haasan, Vijay Sethupathi and Fahadh Faasil

Written  &  Directed by Lokesh Kanagaraj

Rating: *** ½

Vikram  starts with one  of the  protagonists staging his own death. This could have been  a case of shooting itself the foot. But it isn’t. The  increasingly audacious  plot penetrates the world of crime and drugs with no  (s)care  in  the world. More than anything else , Vikram is  a fearless piece  of  cinema. The colours of  revenge  and  bloodshed  peek at  us from every frame , often indicating a universe  gone awfully awry  in its quest for  self-fulfilment.

Kamal Haasan plays the title role. He  is  initially shown to be  a boozard and  a womanizer. But that’s an illusion  created to  knock the socks  off our  judgement-value  and to plunge us into a province of  impenetrable odds  in a world  gone  completely  askew.Kamal Haasan  has a couple of sequences where he chews up the screen with  a ‘meat’-cute relish.But  Fahadh Faasil dominates the  show without  a moment of flashy acting .He looks like a  man on a  mission committed  to getting it right. But  the other performing maestro Vijay Sethupathi plays the cartoonish villain with a surprising lack of enthusiasm.He is  shown to bite into a blue tablet to reinvigorate  himself. But his character  remains  listless.With his  gold teeth and  twisted walk, Sethupathi’s performance  oscillates between the giggly and the grotesque.

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So, is Vikram worth  watching for the three super-performers?  Partly, yes. Fahadh Faasil nails his character and some of  the supporting actors like Chamban Vivod Jose(playing a brazenly  corrupt  senior cop), Narain as  a part  of  the  extra-constitutional  law enforcement agency and Vasanthi as a special agent working as a househelp, fortify  the frenetic show.

Anyone who tells you they follow  the  entire  course of the  zigzagging plot would be lying.However  making concessions for  the  Kamal Haasan brand  of  intellectualized espionage , Vikram  grips you even when  the narrative gets  too dense to follow. It is shot in striking colours  that indicate  urgency and  intrigue.

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