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Is Director Gautham Menon Shooting Nayanthara’s Wedding ?




There is  a report going around that   director  Gautham Menon  will be shooting Tamil  actress Nayanthara’s  wedding with  filmmaker  Vignesh Shivan in  Mahabalipuram tomorrow.However sources close  to the  couple say there is  no truth to this rumour.

“Gautham Menon is  very close friend  of  the couple. But he is not shooting the wedding. The  wedding is being shot by  the  an  agency known as  the Wedding Filmer  helmed by Vishal Punjabi. They  shoot  high-profile  weddings in India including those of film personalities. The Wedding Filmer shot  Vicky Kaushal and  Katrina  Kaif’s wedding. They  will shoot Nayanthara  and  Vignesh’s  wedding on June 9.”

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