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Fakenews: Prabhas To Play A Role In Mission Impossible 7




Ha ha, fooled you. To all those Prabhas fans who raised their hopes and glasses to  their screen-idol sharing screen  space with  Tom Cruise  in  the latest  instalment   of Mission Impossible,  lower those hopes and  wine glasses,please. And  let’s not  behave  like starstruck foreigners.

The  news is a  hoax. Anyone  with a shred  of  common sense would have seen  through it since MI7 is almost complete. But not Prabhas’s fans . They are a different  over-enthusiastic breed.

 Hours after  the  “news”  of Prabhas’ alleged migration to Hollywood began  ‘Cruising’ the news channels,  the Mission Impossible  screenwriter Christopher  McQuarrie punctured  the  balloon and  debunked  the  viral rumour by  tweeting, “While he(Prabhas)‘s a very talented man, we’ve never met.”

While McQuarrie has  given the snub a polite twist, here is one more  instance the  gossipmongers entertaining themselves by using a superstar’s name for  some lively speculation and in the process  putting  him in a compromised, undignified  position.

 Prabhas  is  one of India’s  biggest stars. He  doesn’t need  Hollywood.  Or Tom Cruise. Or Mission Impossible. He  is  not a  wannabe  awaiting acceptance  from  the West. He is   very secure in his god-given  space .Please spare him such  wild romps  of  aspirational  fantasy.

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