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Fans Of Original Pink Disappointed by Vakeel Saab



Vakeel Saab , Telugu  superstar  Pawan Kalyan’s  first  release in three years  after the  disappointing  Agnyaathavaasi in  2018,is  anything but an official remake   of  Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury’s 2016  cult hit Pink  . As the trailer had  aptly indicated, the  film is not about the  three  girls who  find themselves at the vortex of  a legal and  a moral debate  on sexual violation , but  the lawyer  played by  Pawan Kalyan.

Breaking away from  Amitabh Bachchan’s lawyer’s role in the  original , Pawan Kalyan takes  over the show, and even  fits  a romantic angle into the plot for himself with Shruti Haasan playing his  college sweetheart  in a flashback.

Even the actor’s most diehard fans have  objected to  the  49 -year  old actor  playing a student, as  The Power Star(as he is  labeled  by his fans) looks  completely mismatched with Ms Haasan. What fans  of  the original  Pink are wondering is why did  producer Boney Kapoor allow  such liberties to be taken with the  original  material?

As  producer he  could have  easily  monitored  the  remake to ensure that  the  original was  not excessively fingered  in the  bid to turn Pink  into an an out-and-out star vehicle.

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