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Fardeen Khan Confirms His Comeback Plans



Fardeen Khan

In  December 2020 Fardeen Khan , s/o the late legendary Feroz Khan had  confirmed that he was  ready to get back to acting.

 It’s now  been reported that Fardeen Khan ’s  comeback project is Sanjay Gupta’s  production entitled  Visfot(the explosion) where Fardeen will share screen space  with Riteish Deshmukh.

When I  contacted Fardeen Khan he said, “We are in  talks.”

In an  interview to me  in December 2020 Fardeen Khan had said, “I never thought I’d be away  for so long.  But it happened.

Initially my wife Natasha and I had to  move to London because we were  having  challenges(to face)  in having children. In 2013 we finally had our daughter.  Four years  later our son  was born. Each time there  was  a bundle of joy in the house it just took over our lives. I didn’t even know  how when  so much time flew by. I had to be  up and  down between  Mumbai and London. Because we  had chosen the  IVF  route it wasn’t easy for  my wife  Natasha  . I had to be  by her side.”

Initially Fardeen Khan   thought he’d be away from Mumbai for  only  2-3 years.

He sighed, “If only life were  that simple! Being away  wasn’t planned, I was dealing with circumstances. Now  I  am blessed with  two beautiful children.And  the  time I’ve spent with them away from work has been so beautiful. My children  and I share an amazing bond.I count  my blessings every day, Subhash. I  have a lot to be grateful for. Now I see the children a little more settled.I feel it’s time for me  to get back to work.My return to work  happened organically. It happened when  it was meant to happen.Having returned I find the entire landscape of  the  film industry has changed.”

Fardeen Khan made it clear he  was open to  quality work in  Bollywood. “I’ve  always been  going back and forth between Mumbai and London.I spent half my time there and  half my time here.This time I’m back with a purpose. I want to do good meaningful work. I think this  is  the new golden-age  of cinema. It’s encouraging to see such a diversity  of  cinema  happening.”

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