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Grandpa-to-be Karan Johar Is Over-the-Moon 



Karan Johar and Alia Bhatt

There is no one as excited as Karan Johar about  Alia Bhatt’s impending motherhood.

 In London, Karan Johar has already started shopping for the baby, in both blue and  pink.

Luckily Karan and  his god-daughter are  in the same city  London. While Karan  is holidaying with his  children  , Alia is  shooting in London for her  first international Heart  Of Stone.

Karan is  getting to spend a  lot of time with  Alia.He is making sure she  is being well looked after. He  is  constantly calling to inquire  about her food, sleeping hours , etc

 The  best part of  mothering Alia in the absence  of  her  real mom Soni  Razdan in London  is that  Karan  gets to prepare  for  grand-fatherhood so  quickly after fatherhood.

“To me Alia is equal to my twins Roohi and Yash. The  twins  know Alia as their elder sister.Now they  know that there is  going to be an addition  in the family,” says Karan.

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