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Has Aamir Khan Shelved His Mahabharat?


Has Aamir Khan really shelved  his plans of  making a webseries based  on  the Mahabharat, or is  the  ambitious plan on the  backburner for now?

Sources in the know say, Aamir won’t give up his dream project that easily.

“Aamir is a dreamer. But he’s a pragmatic  dreamer . He  won’t just get into a situation without a full  understanding and appraisal.Once in, he won’t  withdraw,” says  the source,  adding  that   the project is only  dormant for a  while.

“The scale  on which Aamir plans to make the Mahabharat makes  it a  very expensive project. And Aamir wants  to  cast  only A-listers.”

Which brings us to the  casting. Apparently Aamir is  very keen  to play Lord Krishna. Considering the current climate  in  the country, this  may  not be the  best of ideas. 

The source informs, “Aamir has decided to wait  for  a better time to  make the  Mahabarat. He had set 2019-20  aside for the  project. But  when it didn’t materialize  for various reasons he  went ahead  and signed  a couple  of feature films instead(Lal Singh Chaddha and   Moghul). Now he will finish those  projects and then plan his Mahabharat.”

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