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Has Mahesh Bhatt Undergone Heart Surgery?  Bhatt Clarifies



Mahesh Bhatt

On  Friday  morning we woke up  to reports  of the indefatigable Mahesh Bhatt  having undergone heart surgery.

 But when I touched  base with the Arth director here’s what he had to say: “It’s technically incorrect to call this procedure a surgery. A surgery is where they use the knife . Angioplasty is a bloodless common procedure. It takes half hour and a mandatory stay in the ICU and then one is discharged the next day.”

 Bhatt Saab is  all praise  for the medical  team  which handled  his bloodless  surgical  procedure. “I was in the hands of the best of best team of doctors at the H.N Reliance Hospital. The procedure was on 16th . I was back home on the 18th. I am alive and ‘kicking’ my friend. And I was working on my next book since 5 am when your message pinged.”

Bhatt Saab further added, “My procedure was planned for the 16th of Jan . It was during a routine body checkup that the doctors raised a ‘red flag’ and suggested that since I am in good health we must take a preemptive step and deal with this.”

The unwearying filmmaker says he went into the  surgical procedure  as a pre-emptive. “I had no symptoms which compelled me to take this self-initiated step.I am 74 and with age the ‘calcification’ of the arteries do take place. Let me leave you with this unchangeable truth. Ageing is not optional it’s inevitable.”

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