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The Final Split: Mukesh Bhatt Not Invited To Mahesh Bhatt’s Daughter’s Wedding!



Mukesh Bhatt and Mahesh Bhatt

The differences  between Mahesh Bhatt and  his brother Mukesh Bhatt have been growing  exponentially for the last few years. Although neither brother has  spoken of their  differences, in 2021 Vishesh  Films, the banner that the Bhatt brothers co-helmed,   was  taken over by Mukesh and it was  rendered  publicly  clear that Mahesh Bhatt was no more a part  of  Vishesh Films. Now  , for Mahesh  Bhatt’s daughter Alia’s wedding, Mukesh and his family were nowhere to be seen.

“That’s because they were not invited,” a  source  very close  to Mahesh  Bhatt tells me. “The two brothers  don’t even talk to one another.Where  was the  question of  inviting Mukesh?”

The Bhatt insider  informs me that  the split is final and irrevocable.

Apparently Mukesh was  taken aback when the invitation for his niece’s wedding did  not come.  Until  the last  moment he had  hoped and expected that Mahesh Bhatt would let bygones  be  bygones.

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