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Hema Malini: “Who Is Maligning Our Beautiful Film Industry?” The Dream Girl Supports Jaya Bachchan Defends Ravi Kishan



Hema Malini: “Who Is Maligning Our Beautiful Film Industry?” The Dream Girl Supports Jaya Bachchan Defends Ravi Kishan 12

  The  legendary Dream Girl Of  the  Mumbai film industry Hema Malini is baffled  by attempts in recent months to tarnish the image  of the Indian  film industry . On  Tuesday in  the Indian parliament  legendary actress-parliamentarian Jaya Bachchan defended the Indian  film industry  lashing out at  fellow-parliamentarian Ravi Kishan for  portraying  the Hindi film  industry as  a den of drugs.

Actress and  politician Hema Malini  supports Jaya Bachchan but defends  fellow-BJP  parliamentarian Ravi Kishan. “Jaya is right .We all need  to stand up and defend  our beloved  film industry which  is being maligned . Remember, the world is watching. We  need  to guard ourselves against  disruptive  forces  hellbent  on bringing Indian cinema down.”

Hema, however  thinks Jaya’s reaction to Kishan’s  comments might have been based on  erroneous assumptions. “Jaya may have been  misinformed about what Ravi said in parliament a  day before she criticized him for   maligning  the  industry. I don’t think Ravi would speak against our film industry which has given him everything.”

 Hema  is appalled  at  the vicious campaign to  bring down Bollywood. “I haven’t seen such a  vicious campaign to tarnish  the image  of our film  industry’s reputation.Ever since Sushant Singh Rajput’s tragic death, any and everyone  thinks  it is their  right to speak of the industry as  a  filthy place. This is unfair . I have been a part  of  the  Hindi  film  industry for  more than 45 years.  It has only given me happiness . I take immense  pride in being  part  of the  film industry,” says Hemaji who  made her debut in 1968 opposite Raj Kapoor in Sapnon Ka Saudagar and is labelled the  first  female superstar  of Bollywood.

Does Hema deny  the existence  of  drug consumption in  Bollywood? “I am not saying that. I’m sure there is some   truth to this  allegation and  this evil practice of drug consumption among the  young people  of India which  is  destroying families and lives everywhere  , must  be stopped. The  Government should take  strong action against those  found  to be dealing with and consuming drugs.”

While denying  a rampant  use of drugs in Bollywood  Hema admits there is  consumption  of  alcohol in the  film fraternity.  “Creative people  in every walk of life tend to  turn to alcohol for inspiration. Bollywood’s  writers and directors  are susceptible  to  alcohol consumption, but not drugs.”

What  Hema objects to is the vilification campaign   against the  film industry. “These days anyone can go on one of the TRP-obsessed news  channel and  abuse  anyone in the  film industry by name. Who are these  people who are constantly attacking us? And why are they not being reined in by the law? Hindi cinema is  looked  up to  the worldover.  It has  given the world great actors  like  Dilip Kumar, Raj  Kapoor  and  Amitabh Bachchan .”

 Hemaji imputes  some blame on news channels for the anti-Bollywood propaganda. “The news channels screaming abuses against  the film industry. Sadly people  from the film industry are  abetting and  encouraging these  news channels  by  joining in  the mob lynching. This  must stop.We won’t tolerate it.”

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