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Hum Aapke Hain KWAN? Salman Khan Has No Stakes In Kwan, Say Kwan Sources



Salman Khan is being repeatedly called out as  the owner  of  KWAN,  the  celebrity-management company in the vortex  of the biggest drug scandal in India. Salman’s chamchas  have wasted  no time  in  issuing vehement  denials .

And for once they are right. Salman Khan indeed  has no stakes in KWAN. However Salman  came very  close to becoming an owner of the controversial company.According to informed sources KWAN was  very  keen to have Salman on board.

“In  2019 they  repeatedly negotiated and  had multiple  meeting to bring Salman into KWAN as a major stakeholder . The  talks between KWAN representatives and Salman’s team were progressing well but suddenly reached a deadend,” says   the source  in the know. 

So  no.  Salman is  not the ‘Bigg Boss’ at KWAN.But he came close to being just that

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