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“I Am Completely Supporting Rhea,” Says Chehre Producer Anand Pandit, But Her Role Is Small



Rhea Chakraborty

  The Chehre producer  Anand  Pandit  is glad that the  trailer   reveals  that Rhea  had not been obliterated  from the  film’s publicity or for that matter, from the  film.

“She is an integral  part  of  Chehre. I am completely  supporting Rhea,” says Anand Pandit.

Adds  director Rumi Jafrey, “Rhea was  always meant to become a part of the promotions a  little later. How  can she be left out?”

However  Rhea didn’t have a   major role to begin with  in Chehre. And  she is  as  visible in the trailer  as she  would have been  before all the controversies  regarding Sushant  Singh  Rajput’s death.

“We can’t increase her visibility to  prove any point,” says Rumi.


Rumi is glad  the trailer has  been  liked. “We have worked hard to make  it a  unique thriller. It is  acompletely original  film,  not adapted from  any source.It was my dream  to direct  Bachchan Saab.I am glad it happened in a  film where he  is cast like never before.”

No songs  to break   the thriller mood?

Rumi  avers, “There is  one  song which however is  placed  in the background as  part  of  the story. I learnt very early from  the great  Mr B R Chopra  and his  brother Yash Chopra  not to use songs  in a suspense thriller. In B R Chopra Saab’s  Humraaz all the hit songs were placed in the first-half before   the  suspense started in the second-half. And In Yash Chopra Saab’s Ittefaq there  was  no song at  all.”

Rumi  Jafrey sees Chehre  in the genre  of  Humraaz and Ittefaq. “It is  going to  take  the  audience  by surprise.”

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