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Rajkummar Rao Speaks To Subhash K Jha On The Success Of Roohi & Future Projects.



Roohi did well in  movie theatres?

I’m extremely delighted by the response. As a cinema lover even I was missing watching films on the big screen. I’m glad Roohi brought back our audience to theatres. Roohi is the right film to be watched on a big screen. The fun of laughing with everyone and getting scared with everyone is something you cannot recreate anywhere else. It was a big gamble in these strange times but am glad we took it and it has paid off.

Your other  2021  release The White Tiger has  received worldwide acclaim  including an  Oscar nod?

I always knew I was doing something special. I have been a big admirer of director RaminBharani’s work and when I got to know that he is planning to make The White Tiger and wanted me to play Ashok I was more than happy to be a part of it. The kind of response we got for the film is overwhelming and the love I got globally for Ashok made me very happy.

What are  your future plans?

Just keep making great content and if it’s a good film it will work because there is so much great content available on digital platforms so we have to push our boundaries and give something unique every time.

Stree and Roohi are your two comedy-horror  films. Will  there be  a  hat trick in  the near future?

I hope there is a hat trick. I enjoy doing everything but Stree certainly is a milestone in my career. People gave so much love to the film and to my character Bicky and the same happened with Roohi. I enjoy portraying two emotions at the same time. Making people laugh while you’re getting scared. I’m sure there will be more horror comedies in near future as well along with all different genres that I’ll be doing.

Is it true  in  Badhaai Do you  play a gay man married to  a lesbian?

 I can’t talk much about Badhaai Do. All I can say, it’s a script which am very excited about and had one of the best times making this film. I’m very sure it will connect a chord with the audience and people will see me in a different avatar.

Can  cinema and  the  OTT platform co-exist?

OTT platform is a very strong parallel industry and am very happy with the kind of content that’s coming on different digital platforms. There is lot of talent that has come out of different series and films on digital platforms. Cinema culture will always be there because as a country we love community viewing experience but one can’t deny the power of OTT platforms and its reach also it’s generating so much employment for actors and technicians.

Tell me  about your forthcoming  films?

I’m just busy working. Finished Hum do Hamare do with Kriti Sanon and Badhaai Do with Bhumi. There are other  films lined up that I am very excited about.

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