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I Will Play Myself In My Bio-pic” Sonu Sood



There are  numerous proposals  and  feelers  for  actor-philanthropist and the migrants’ messiah Sonu Sood’s  life to be turned   into a film.

But  Sonu,  too be busy being a doer  to pause for cinematic  anointment, says  he isn’t sure he is ready for  a bio-pic treatment. “I think  it’s  to early to do film on me. I’ve so many  more appointments  to  keep. So many goals to achieve. But  there are  producers out there who insist there  is not  just one, but many movies  in  the past  few months of  my life.But I don’t know if I am   ready to  have my life out on  screen.”

Sonu feels he has plenty more to  do. “There are so  many hundreds of  people reaching to us on a daily basis.There is  so much to be done. God has given me this  chance to make  myself useful to  society.Not to sit back and gloat over  my  achievements.”

However   when the bio-pic happens Sonu is  sure about whom he  wants  to play  him.  “I  will  play myself  of course. When my bio-pic happens I think I’ve earned the right to be in  it.So that would be my only  pre-condition  for a  bio-pic.”

Sonu’s  book on  his experiences with migrants and other distressed  section of  people hard hit  by the  Coronavirus is  now  the subject of a  book that will be out soon.

Speaking on the  book Sonu says,  “Many of  the chapters  are ready. We should be out with it by October. We  still haven’t  got a title. That should happen  soon.”

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