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Sonu Sood:  “I’ve Been Able To Fulfil  All The Promises I Made  To Bappa”



Actor-philanthropist  Sonu Sood is glowing with  joy this Ganesh  Chaturthi .“Bappa has  guided me to do the right thing. If I’ve been able to help  the needy during these turbulent times it is because He  willed  it.”

Ganesh Chaturthi is  the most special time  of the year for Sonu. “When  I first came to Mumbai I  didn’t know  much about Ganesh Chaturthi  and how to  go about celebrating it.  That  was  the  first time I went out toAndheri station and  bought a small Ganesha idol.I spent the entire night buying the decorations and made all the preparations with my wife and  room-mate. I still remember  the thrill of  putting together all the  components  of  my first  Ganpati festival in Mumbai in 2001.It’s been   20 years  that I’ve been  bringing home  the Ganpati .This year too HE is here in our home.”

Sonu Sood can feel Ganpati Bappa’s presence in his life. “It is  HIS  hand guiding me  through my life  and career.Today if I am able to help  people  it is because He  wants it to be  so. I am a firm believer in destiny.I don’t think anything in  life is random. There is  a reason why I am here during these  pandemic times  doing what  I am doing,helping in every way that I can to ease the pain of  the needy.”

Sonu has never felt  happier. “I am at peace with  myself. Because I ‘ve been able to fulfil  all the promises I made  to Bappa.This year has been extraordinary for me. Bappa has given me  the opportunity to reach out to as many people as I can. I pray to HIM that he continues to  give me the  power and strength to keep bringing smiles to  people’s faces. Ganpati Bappa Maurya.”

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