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Ibrahim Ali Khan’s Launch Postponed



Ibrahim Ali Khan

Saif Ali  Khan and Amrita Singh’s first-born Ibrahim Ali Khan  is unlikely to  launched as a leading man any time  soon.

The  plan was   for  Sara’s  kid brother  to be launched in 2023 , and Karan  Johar  was  to do the needful. But  now Ibrahim’s parents feel that at 21, he is too young to start  a movie career.

“Let him travel the world,see different countries  and then  if he still wants  to work in movies his parents would be  happy to support him in  every way. But for now, Ibrahim is  not  anywhere  close  to an acting debut,” a friend  of  the Khan family reveals confidentially.

Some time  ago in an  interview to me  Sara Ali Khan  had spoken   about her  brother’s  acting aspirations. “Yes  he  wants  to be  an actor. But as I’ve discovered, it’s an easy dream to have  but a very difficult  dream to achieve. But I feel Ibrahim has  the talent. Once he enacted  a monologue for my mother and I .I was holding the sheet of paper on which  his lines were written. I  couldn’t look at  the sheet , I was busy looking at his eyes. They were so  emotive.”

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