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Is Jawaan Scared Of The Gadar Wave?




Shah Rukh Khan’s  eagerly awaited release Jawaan which apparently features him in  a double role,  is less than a  month away from  release. While the  film’s  blockbuster status is already guaranteed, there is a  growing  awareness  in the film trade that the Gadar wave will continue to prevail  for  some time now.

A  source close to SRK says Shah Rukh isn’t  afraid  of any wave. “But yes, no one in this  business had  anticipated  this kind of a wave. So yes, there is a feeling that the forthcoming films will  suffer a  massive backlash .And it will continue  for a while.”

Just how  far Gadar 2 will go remains to be seen. But Ghoomer which came a week after Gadar  2, has already paid a heavy price. The collections have suffered a debilitating reduction due to  the Gadar impact.

A  source close  to  Ghoomer informs, “We  did consider postponing our release. But how  much would  that have helped? There was Jawaan ahead.”

Jawaan is likely to slow down the Gadar impact.

But who is to say?

Says  Gadar director Anil Sharma, “Gadar 2 has its own life now. I have nothing to do with its  journey any more. But I wish  all the forthcoming releases  the very best.”

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