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Sunny Deol Speaks On Hiking His Price



Sunny Deol

Sunny Deol is on an unprecedented high.  Gadar 2 is poised to become not only the biggest hit of his career, but also one of the  five biggest blockbusters of all times, if not THE biggest blockbuster  ever.

So is it true Sunny has hiked his price to  50 crores?

Instead of  beating  around the  bush , I asked Sunny directly and this is what he had to say: “First of all, I feel money matters are  very personal. No one shares exactly what he or she earns,even to close ones. Secondly, what I charge  or don’t charge will be decided when I sign my next film. Right now we are  all trying to process of  enormity  of the  success of Gadar 2.”

Getting down to the question of  hiking  or not hiking his price Sunny says,  “I know my worth. Even in my lowest ebb I didn’t compromise  with my price. At the same time, main samajhdaar insaan hoon. I know  today  Sunny Deol is being seen  in a different light. Lekin main toh wahi hoon jahan main ttha. Logon ka nazariya badal gaya hai(I am where I  was, people’s perception has changed.”

He then adds, “For me my family is my greatest wealth.Aur kya  chahiye?”

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