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Is Raveena Tandon Playing Indira Gandhi ?



In the  sequel to the hit franchise   KGF  , Raveena Tandon will be playing a politician whose  look and ideology would be inspired by Mrs Indira Gandhi. This fact is not being  divulged  by  the film’s  team including leading man  Yash and  Raveena herself.

Says a  source close to the team, “Portraying  any  real politician is  a very big risk these  days. More often than not,you have a  whole lot  of  disapproving protesting masses who want to stop the  film.”

 So Raveena is  very  quietly  studying  Mrs Gandhi’s mannerisms and trying to  imbibe them.

 Says a  source, “She won’t  imitate  Mrs Gandhi .That  would look very cheap and unconvincing on screen.She has seen  the way Mrs Gandhi has been  played in recent films. She would rather do it her own way.”

Raveena   has played a  politician before  in Madhur Bhandarkar’s Satta.

“But this time she  will play it in an entirely different way. Her  character will take  on  SanjayDutt. They will play friends turns enemies,” informs  a source.

Raveena remains one of  the busiest actresses of her generation. Besides  serving as one of  the judges on the popular dance reality show Nach baliye , and  playing an important  role in KGF2,she  is mother to two biological and adoptive   children.

“How do I manage  all of this? Don’t ask. It’s all about time management. I  really believe there’s nothing that  you can’t do if you want to.And if you  say you can’t find the time to do something, then you don’t really want  to do it.”

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