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Is Varun Dhawan Getting Married In November?



Although  both Varun Dhawan and his father  David Dhawan have  very clearly told me  that there  are no marriage plans this year  for Varun, friends  of  the  young  actor  have been  told to keep  themselves unoccupied  for  the wedding in  November this  year.

A  close friend  of  the  the family tells me, “It’s definitely a November wedding for Varun and his girlfriend Natasha . In fact the two families are  quietly preparing  for the occasion . Varun’s mother and  Natasha’s  mother have been shopping  for months for  the wedding.”

According to  this source   the secrecy  around the wedding  is to avoid  questions on the date  and destination of the wedding.

“It is likely to  be  a destination wedding  outside  India for a handpicked  selected  list of invitees, followed  by a  grand reception  in  Mumbai,” reveals the source.

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