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It’s Time For Bollywood  Superstars To Wake Up And Smell The Caffeine



Satyamev Jayate 2

John Abraham’s arrogant  statement on  how he looks  down on the  OTT platform has the nation open-mouthed  in amazement  at  the sheer arrogance  of  an actor who hasn’t had a hit on any platform for quite some time.

And yet he sneers  at  the digital  platform which is not only the future  but also  the  present, going  by the torrent  of flops in  movie theatres one after another.

And yet John is  quoted as saying, “As a producer, I love the OTT space. I would love to make films for the medium and cater to that audience. But as an actor, I am very clear that I want to be on the big screen. I am a big-screen hero and that is where I want to be seen. At this point, I will do films that cater to the big screen. I would find it offensive if someone shut off my film midway on a tablet because they needed to rush to the washroom. Also, I would not like to be available for Rs 299 or 499. I have a problem with it.”

Was John  drunk when he  made this outrageous statement…power-drunk, that is? How could he presume that the  Big Screen still wants  him after what happened to his Satyamev Jayate  2  and  Attack?

All the so-called A-listers barring Kartik Aaryan have flopped miserably at  the  boxoffice in the post-Covid phase of  cinema viewing.

 This  doesn’t of course mean  that  John and his ilk of so-called A-listers are welcome on the OTT.  John  must understand that unlike television, the OTT is  not a  dumping ground  for  big-screen  rejects, which is what  John seems to be right now.

The OTT  has nurtured  and encouraged the topmost talent   of the country, from Jaideep Ahlawat and  Surya Sharma  to  Shefali Shah and  Aaditi Pohankar .

What makes  John think  that the OTT  platform is his for the taking?

  1. Audiences rush off to the washroom even  in  movie theatres.
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