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Jeetendra: “I  Regret Not Spending Time With My Children”



Jeetendra with Thushar and Ekta

Yesteryears’ dancing star Jeetendra  was , during one  phase  of his career, doing  so many remakes of Telugu films that he   had to spend 25 days every month in Hyderabad.

Recalling those hectic days Jeetendra says, “I had  no time  to  meet my children. I was  stuck in Hyderabad  most  of the time. My daughter Ekta  and son Tusshar had  to come to  Hyderabad to meet me. Main unko  wohi bula liya karta ttha(I used to call them to  Hyderabad).”

Looking back Jeetendra , who was  a top star  in the 1960s  and 70s with hits like  Farz, Humjoli, Bhai Ho To Aisa, Jigri Dost,Caravan and Bidaai, regrets not  spending more time with his  children. “Now,I’ve  all the time  in the world  and I am spending so much time with my grandchildren I am  having the  time  of my life.  I now regret that I didn’t spend  more time with  Tusshar and Ekta when  they were growing  up.It will remain that one major lacuna in  my  life.”

But Jeetendra was  earning  a living ,assuring  a   good life  for his  children?

“I agree. I  was  working hard for my family. Lekin ek  balance  toh  honi chahiye(there  should be  a balance). No matter how hard  you are working you should  always  set aside  time  for  your  family,”  Jeetendra counsels  all fathers  of the world.

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