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Jersey Postponed By A Week




By now the Shahid Kapoor sports drama  Jersey  should be  used to  last-minute release  postponements.

It  was scheduled  to release 31  when the third wave  of the Covid  virus forced  the producers  to postpone  days  ahead  of the release.

Now when Jersey was  to release  on April  14 alongside  KFG 2, the  producers  , after an emergency meeting on Sunday night, have called  off the release by a week.

Jersey will now release on April  21.

A  source  reveals that  the  decision was taken in the light  of the KGF mania discernible among moviegoing audiences.

“It  would have been foolhardy  to release Jersey  next to KGF 2.  One week’s postponement makes  no difference  after they’ve waited so  long,”  a source close  to  the Jersey producers  informs.

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