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Kader Khan No More, Film Fraternity Has No Time to Mourn



Engrossed in New Year celebrations, Bollywood’s prominent denizens  had no time to speak on the death of  Kader Khan. A prolific  director with whom Kader Saab collaborated  in many films groaned, “Arrey yaar, abhi iss waqt aisi baatein nahin karne  ka jee karta.”

Sadly death doesn’t come at  an  opportune time. Kader Saab had it coming for some time. He suffered  from a nerve -degenerative disease  which left him paralyzed.  For close to  40 years  Kaderbhai ruled  Bollywood as  writer  and actor. He was  associated with  many ofAmitabh Bachchan’s and Govinda’s biggest  hits.

Pahalaj Nihalani who has worked closely  with  Kaderbhai  says, “I don’t know  of any talent in  Bollywood who was as  in-demand as as Kader Saab. He used to be writing  and acting in 5-6 films at the same time in  the 1970s, 80s and 90s. He was so  busy that he would dole out dates  in hours. For  my Aankhen I wanted  him  in a double role. He pleaded  off. But I  insisted.  I told him to just give me four hours  for one  day and then I’d manage. My trick was  to get him on board. Once he was signed he’d have  no choice but to give  me more dates.And that’s what happened.”
If Nihalani had  his  way he  would have   worked in  several  other  films with Kader Khan, “We did  some films like Aankhen, Andaz. In fact I wanted him for  the role that  went toAnupam Kher in  Shola Aur Shabnam. But he just didn’t have time .”

As  a humanbeing and  a professional Nihalani rates Kadersaab next to none, “I’ve rarely anyone  in the film industry who was as  helpful supportive and committed as Kaderbhai. He was  never just an actor or  a writer in a project. He  jumped into it the whole hog. A part  of the success of Amitabh Bachchan and Govinda must go to Kaderbhai for his writing. He used to drop in at my restaurant  Nagina on Grant Road(Mumbai)  before his shooting in  that locality. Meeting him was  always like running into an embodiment  of  the  Hindi film industry. He  could do anything, and he did everything. It’s a pity his health began  to fail in the last ten  years. Kaderbhai had so much more to give.”

Adds Mr Bachchan, “It’s now being confirmed by his son as per media that he has passed away ..

Condolences and prayers .A most talented actor writer and delightful company  .. he wrote some exceptional films for me .. and worked in several of the most successful ones ..

Many may not know but he taught mathematics in his spare time .I would often see him solving mathematical problems in between shots .An irreparable loss.”

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