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Kangana Ranaut Shown The Middle Ungli



Kangana Ranaut

The war  between Karan  Johar and Kangana Ranaut has just intensified. As her  only project with Karan’s  Dharma  productions Ungli(directed by Rensil d’Silva)  clocks   seven years  Karan  posted a  poster of  the film on his Twitter  account where Kangana Ranaut’s presence was deleted.

“It was a collective decision at Dharma.  Karan Johar asked all his colleagues  and team members  in  his office whether they were okay with Kangana Ranaut’s  face on the poster.  Almost everybody at Dharma  was unanimous in their opinion.”

The source says the Kangana Ranaut-Karan Johar feud did not start on Koffee With Karan when Kangana accused  Karan of being the  flagship of nepotism in  the entertainment industry.

The  feud began much earlier in  2014 when  Kangana Ranaut refused to promote Ungli.It was  no coincidence that Kangna Ranaut who played   one of the protagonists in Rensil d’Silva’s Ungli was   nowhere to be seen in any of the promotional events for the film.Kangana seemed to have taken a conscious decision to keep her distance, perhaps in deference to her newly-discovered solo-heroine star status after Queen.

In an  interview  with me  director Rensil D’Silva admitted Kangana Ranaut was  missing in the lineup of protagonists promoting Ungli.Apparently , repeated attempts to get her to participate in the promotions failed.


 Rensil felt it  was   impossible to make an ensemble film is India. “I wouldn’t say it’s because our actors have massive egos which comes in the way of their collective participation in any film. Hollywood actors too have egos. Yet they’re able to work together in harmony in ensemble films. No, I feel our actors are still encumbered by an outdated importance attached to the footage offered to the character. Emraan Hashmi and  Randeep Hooda had no hassles working with one another and the rest of the cast.”

Apparently Kangana Ranaut  had a huge problem  being  in a ensemble  cast after  a solo success in Queen.

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