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Gajraj Rao Clears The Air On Katrina-Kaushal Wedding



Katrina Kaif and Vicky Kaushal

The speculative sections of the entertainment  media  had a field-day dissecting and analysing actor  Gajraj Rao’s reaction to the alleged pre-condition that the invitees cannot use their cellphones at  the  Katrina-Vicky Kaushal  wedding.

 To this supposed  pre-condition Gajraj Rao responded,  “Selfie nahi lene dega toh main nahi aa raha byah mein (If you won’t let me take a selfie then I’m not coming to the wedding).”

 When I contacted  Gajraj Rao to know if this  can be considered  a confirmation  of  the wedding he  protested, “I had written this in humour. It’s all media  hype.Whether the wedding is happening  or not is not clear.  But this  concept of not allowing  mobile phones at celebrity weddings is prevalent   not only in  Bollywood but also in Hollywood. Nothing wrong in that. I just joked about it.And it became  a  topic of  discussion.”

Adds  Gajraj Rao “I  don’t think  they’ve laid down any rules  about  not taking photographs, etc. The room for this  kind of speculation on the  digital media is limitless. I don’t  think they have  laid out any rules and  regulations for the wedding. They haven’t even confirmed the wedding. Yeh begaani shaadi mein  abdullah deewana wali baat hai(this is   like gatecrashers getting excited at a wedding).Everyone is  busy doing their  own speculative maths.”

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